Telesales Training Courses

In bound and out bound, our telesales training courses can show you how to get through to the decision maker and structure calls to reach your objective. This is flexible and gives you control of all calls and enables you to achieve your objective by asking the right questions and matching benefits and closing the call.


In bound and out bound. Our customer service and telesales training courses can help you get people ‘on side’ with empathy not aggression.
If the call is lost, no one wins! Telmark shows you how to get through to ‘The Debtor’ and take
control of the call using a simple
collections structure to reach your objective.
Asking the right questions is vital.

I often hear the first question being asked
’What’s the reason for non payment?’
This is the wrong question; we don’t need the reason we need to know when full payment
will be made. That will almost always give us the reason!! 

Customer Service Training

How often when we make a call as a customer do we feel like hanging up as soon as we hear the voice at the other end?

We need to treat every call as if it was the first of the day. Being made aware of simple habits
and working at empathy not sympathy,
together with developing good listening skills,
call structure and control.

Team Leader Skills

How are your managers at motivating their teams?

The key word is motivation. So often manager’s de- motivate their team and can destroy confidence rather than build it. However unintentional.

The skills needed to improve this can be learned and Telmark have an excellent reputation in this area with many companies.

Telmark Training provide a full range of telesales training, telemarketing courses and customer service training throughout the UK,


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